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“Our family found out about Cornerstones when the Special Needs Resource Centre had a recent event at McQuesten Park. I met Nick and Julie and was very impressed with their professionalism.  My son has a dual diagnosis of Autism/ADHD, is 14 and just entered high school. I am learning that the programs for teens is more limited, so I was very excited to come across Cornerstones at a time when I needed some assistance. Our goals for Justin as he enters his next stage of development is improving his communication, independence, self regulation and social skills. Part of this goal was signing him up for Basketball at Delta United. Every Thursday Justin looks forward to bouncing the ball, shooting the occasional hoop and generally just taking in the social environment. We attended a dance, where he ate pizza and roamed around the dance floor with a big smile. We will be signing up for P.A days, Christmas, March break and summer time. In this short span of time and getting to know the staff at Cornerstones, our family is pleased to know there is another option out there for families like ours, a place where compassion, empathy, kindness, accommodation and professionalism is valued as much as it clients”. - Cindy Alves

”Do not know where we would be without Cornerstones for our son Matthew! Full day program with great support workers and a terrific program offering lots of activities and lunches and outings!”  -Cathy Playfair

”Cornerstones is an extension of our family network. It is a place  where we can trust that our loved ones are properly cared for in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere.” - Rose Repchull

Cornerstones was able to provide a worker as soon as I made the request, where I have been left waiting for months and up to a year without any service at all with other agencies. most importantly the worker provided suited my son's needs perfectly.  I wish I could use my CCAC contract through cornerstones as well, as my passport funding is insufficient for his needs. -Salvina Smith