Cornerstones was founded on three core characteristics:

Trust, Integrity and Professionalism.


In 2014 Nick DeFilippis, Paul Harrison, and Ryan Mogensen co-founded Cornerstones Special Needs Services. Collectively they wanted to create a company that did things differently. They have combined their skills and passions to form the company as you now know it. Their commitment to providing the best possible care for your loved ones is why they have received the Diamond Award two years in a row.


our mission

Cornerstones believes that all individuals have the right to experience life to its fullest potential. Which is why all of our clients are treated with the consideration, respect, and full recognition of his/her dignity and individuality. Cornerstones mission is to provide the tools and the resources to assist each individual in his/her journey towards a fuller and richer quality of life.

We recognize that every family is different, but so are we. Which is why we do our best to work hand in hand with families to create a personal support plan catered directly to your loved ones goals. We offer respite care, day programs, as well as brokering and passport services.




Nick DeFilippis CEO

Nick has been in the personal care field for 16 years, working with various agencies. He volunteered for “Hats Off” an agency that helps troubled youth, which eventually lead him to getting his child and youth worker certificate from Mohawk College. He has since worked with an array of clients from high behaviours to mental health patients. He had always wanted to start his own agency and provide a service for families and do it differently. He is passionate about providing support for families in need.

Some of Nicks hobbies include playing touch football and working out. His other major hobby is fantasy football, even though Ryan and Paul think beating him in the regular season means something, we all know who the real champion of Fantasy is. “Try making the playoffs Ryan and Paul.”


Paul Harrison CFO

Paul Harrison is the CFO of Cornerstones. He co founded the company in 2014. Paul has been a financial planner since 2009, he focuses on helping families with special needs loved ones. Paul’s connection to the special needs community comes from his brother in law Matthew. Paul & his wife Emily have lived with, and cared for Matthew for over 10 years. Paul loves football, he’s always happy to tell you all about his fantasy football team. He’s a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan as well. In the summer he enjoys softball and in the winter he plays dodgeball.

Paul also specializes in dealing with the DSO and Passports. He know's the system, and he's always happy to help share his experience.


Ryan Mogensen COO

Ryan Mogensen is the COO of Cornerstones. He co founded the company in 2014. Ryan has worked as an advocate since 2008. He focusses on building relationships and networking within the special needs community. Ryan’s passion in this field comes from years of volunteering as a young man within the special needs community. Ryan loves hockey and football. He also loves to let everyone know if he has beat Nick or Paul in fantasy football that week. In the summer he enjoys fishing and in the winter he enjoys ice fishing.

For all inquiries about day program billing you can contact Ryan at or by phone (289)-441-4506



Rachel Kazwah
Day Program Manager (Ryerson United Church)

Mandi Stremble
Day Program Manager (Delta United Church)

Rachel Kazwah
Director of Services & Support

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