Registered Disability Savings Plan: The RDSP is a savings / investment account that grows non-taxable and also offers government grants and bonds. Take advantage of this government assistance to save for the future.
Last Will and Testament: The Will is a crucial part of the “Special Needs” Plan. It spells out how you want your estate to be distributed after your death.
Henson Trust: This is the vehicle which, allows you to leave money for the benefit of your children with disabilities without preventing them from participating in the Ontario Disability Support Program.
Powers of Attorney: Parents of people with disabilities should ensure that Powers of Attorney for Property and for Medical care are established.
Insurance Policy: Most plans are partially funded by a life insurance policy taken out on the lives of the parents of the person with the disability.
Life Plan: This guide is a series of approximately 100 questions which are designed to take information from our memories and put them on paper. When parents die or are unable to care for their son or daughter, this document becomes a guide for the trustees and care givers with respect
to their spending and care activities.
Trustee Support: Trustees need to know how to operate the trust effectively, keep records, spend money within the directives of the Ontario Disability Support Program, and generally how to provide a decent quality of life to the person with a disability.
Peace of Mind: The final and perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle. Make sure you have the peace of mind knowing your loved one will be taken care of after you’re gone.